5 Reasons why you must ride a Motorcycle solo, at least once in your lifetime!

5 Reasons why you must ride a Motorcycle solo, at least once in your lifetime!

Riding is always fun whether solo or in group. It takes you to a totally different world of dreams. The feeling can’t be expressed in words but it’s pretty close to heaven as they say it. Solo riding is a little risky as compared to group riding but then the satisfaction is 10 times. It’s your take whether to go alone or in group, let me tell you why i think it’s a great idea to ride solo.

1. You are the BOSS

There is no one else so you can customize your trip as you wish. What to do, where to stay, what to eat, etc. Ride when you want and rest as long as you wish. Everyone in group has different opinion and you are never free to do what you feel like. Being alone gives you this opportunity. If you want to waste one day lying down beside a river bank, you do it, without answering to anyone.

2. Learn to be Independent

When you are alone, in the middle of nowhere, you cannot blame anyone else for your problems. You got to take the responsibility. Travelling or riding alone makes you independent in the most effective and efficient way. You manage your resources and keep check of things while traveling. You are forced to do things you never did alone. That’s how it changes you, as a person.

3. Meet people, make new friends

Traveling gives you opportunity to meet many people from different cultural and regional backgrounds. There stories and experience help you understand life in a better way and gives you a perspective which you never thought of. Moreover you get to make new friends. And as not all friends are supposed to last entire life, you learn to move on with life and emotions too. There are high chances that you will meet people just like you or may be even more interesting.

4. Loose your FEARS

Moving around alone, dinning alone or watching a movie alone may be daunting, but once you are done with such solo trips, you become more confident and comfortable, not to mention smarter than before because you are on your own now. You are no longer afraid that people will leave you or what would you do alone if you have to.

5. Get to know yourself 

It’s not only getting to know others but you understand yourself better when you travel alone. you have lot of time to think about yourself, about life and about things which means to you. ¬†You learn a lot about yourself and how you view the world. There are times when i think what i am doing, sometimes i feel luckily to be at that place and have so much in life. Sometimes you discover your interest and other past time activities and what you want from life. This is the biggest reason in fact, why you should travel alone at-least once in life.

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