Do’s and Dont’s while going on a ride

Do’s and Dont’s while going on a ride

It is always a dream to go on a solo ride as in the ride should be at least 700+ kilometers. We will be discussing do’s and dont’s while going on a solo ride. There are some of the checklists that you need to follow so as to you will not be stuck in the situation that it would become a nightmare. Weather conditions play a vital role whenever you plan a trip. Ensure that you plan properly in advance and then kick start. We will be discussing the best places that you can go on the ride and also about¬†things to do on the road trip.

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Service your Bike:

This tip is supposed to be one of the major things that you need to consider. When you go on a solo ride, you will not have access to garages and despite that, if it fails to work, then it is going to be your bad day.  Servicing and maintenance are the two major aspects that a passionate biker needs to concentrate on.

Which Bikes to Prefer:

We would always recommend a bullet or all-terrain bikes. If you don’t have a bike, then you can always rent one but you should hold the responsibilities of returning it safely without any kind of damages.

Puncture Kit:

Puncture kit is very much necessary if at all you are going for a solo ride and these big machines like the royal Enfield come along with tube tyre. It becomes really difficult if it gets stuck amidst the forest. It is always better to pick and choose the bikes which comes along with tubeless tyres.

Medical Kit:

It is always necessary to carry a medical kit whenever you go on a ride. Since you will be on the bike half the day, there are chances wherein you might fall ill. Henceforth, carry some basic medicines to ensure that you recover as soon as possible.

I hope the blog has covered all the information about things to do on the road trip. Stay connected to us for more such sections and thanks for reading!

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