Top 5 Destinations for Adventure Lovers in India

Top 5 Destinations for Adventure Lovers in India

What would be your dream holiday? Do you prefer relaxing on the beach or exploring a historical city? Or does the spirit of adventure dictate your holiday destination? Adventure getaways are the latest in terms of experiential holidays – whether you’re travelling with your partner or a group of friends. Imagine getting lost in the surreal mountains or taking a tour of the amazing National Park or Sanctuary. If adrenaline rush and a sense of satisfaction is all you require at the end of a trip, then adventure trip is all you need to plan for your next outing with friends. Here are some adventure trip ideas for you.

1. Manali

Gorgeous trails through pine forests, apple orchards on the way and the incredible view of the Himalayas – Manali is an adventure-seeker’s and nature-lover’s delight. It possess a reputation as a backpacking center and honeymoon destination teamed up with adventure getaway. Try the trek up to Rohtang Pass or go paragliding in Solang Valley. A number of trekking trails are available from Manali. You can trek to Malana , a hidden village in the Himalayas known for its strict rules and regulations. You can also trek to Jogini falls, which is an hour trek from Manali.

2. Bandhavgarh

Madhya Pradesh, ‘the heart of India’, reverberates with the roar of the Royal Bengal Tiger. Of its many national parks, Bandhavgarh offers the most thrilling wildlife safari. There are high chances of spotting a tiger since here as the density of its population is the highest known in India. You can go for Elephant ride as well in the lush green park of Bandhavgarh.

3. Kaziranga

Perhaps you’d like to come face to face with the endangered Indian Rhinoceros. Assam’s Kaziranga National Park has more than 2,000 rhinos and you can take a jeep safari or an elephant-back ride into the grasslands to spot them.The park is also a home to a large breeding population of elephants, wild water buffalo and swamp deer.

4. Nagarhole

Deep in the coffee country of Coorg (Kodagu), lie the lush forests of Nagarhole National Park. You’re likely to come across tigers, leopards, elephants and many other animals in this 650 square kilometre sanctuary. Teamed with an amazing view of mountains at the backdrop and a jungle safari, Nagarhole is sure to pump up the adrenaline rush in your body. This national park is a home to a thick flora and fauna cover and can turn out to be an amazing adventure trip when traveled solo or even in group.

5. Lahaul-Spiti

If your idea of adventure trip involves heading into a largely untouched terrain, dotted here and there with tiny villages, go to the Lahaul-Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh. A picturesque mountain terrain, amazing valleys, beautiful river side views and a calm and serene aura, Yes! Lahaul-Spiti is surely a place to visit if you are planning to attain a divine solace in the lap of nature. Excellent treks, riverside camps and ancient monasteries – what more could you ask for?

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